How Does Social Media Improve Search Engine Rankings?

Posted: June 15, 2016

Never Underestimate the Power of Social


It’s no doubt that managing social media pages will benefit your business in more ways than one. One of the greatest advantages to using social is ultimately bringing more traffic to your website, which in turn helps to boost your search engine optimization ranking – getting you noticed where it counts.

As most people use Google to search for information, (often glancing at the first page’s results and not looking any further), it’s important to utilize any tools you can to get your business to show up on that first page. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate social media into your SEO strategy. While one social web platform is good, multiple platforms are even better. (For example, your brand’s Facebook page may be getting a little lonely – why not expand to Twitter as well?). While a brand’s social media doesn’t increase their Google ranking directly, it will still serve as a great contributor.

How Should My Business Use Social?

It’s one thing to create a social account for your brand, but it’s another to consistently use it and use it properly to maximize your success. By sticking to these guidelines on social, you’ll be on your way to improving your Google ranking in no time:

Post quality content

Create quality content and integrate your keywords. Make your social media pages credible and interesting by posting blogs, infographics, company information and event photos. Have fun with it – people are more likely to follow a brand that is passionate about their content, and not only posting for the sake of gaining customers.


Regular engagement will encourage more followers. Share, re-tweet, follow, like, comment – do all you can to gain exposure and increase the popularity of your page, because this will have an influence on your rankings. However, don’t fall into the dangerous trap of buying followers. These followers are fake, and will do more harm than good. Your ranking won’t improve, either, as Google can detect the quality of your followers. The only followers that matter are the ones that you’re able to grow organically – or in other words, the followers that actually interested in your services.

Link away
Every post on your social media is an opportunity for traffic to your website. Add a link back to relevant pages of your website. This is traffic from people you wouldn't normally reach otherwise, and the more diverse links you have, the better you look in Google's eyes.

SEO Loves Social!

Social media should be integrated into every business’s marketing approach. Brands without a social account(s), or who aren’t actively using their social account(s) can expect to fall behind (especially on the Google results page). Almost every internet user today is regularly following, liking, sharing, posting or searching... and it’s this very behavior that we need to use to our advantage.

Does your business have a high Google search ranking? Maybe it’s time to get social!

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