Digital Marketing

Managing relationships across a variety of channels...

Digital marketing is simply the promotion of products or brands via electronic media. One of the great benefits of digital marketing is its ability to analyze marketing campaigns and test how different methods and channels are performing, which allows for more informed and effective decision-making.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our goal is to bring relevant traffic to your site and generate more online business for your company. We plan and execute your online marketing strategy while monitoring your return on investment. We'll start with a digital strategy that is designed for your specific brand and business goals, and will target the right customers who want your service.

PPC management

It all starts with the research and analysis of your keywords – the first step of our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management service. We will monitor, evaluate and maximize your value using PPC, while ensuring you stay within your budget. Effective management is crucial to the success of any paid search campaign. Your campaign will be managed by an in-office Google AdWords certified expert.

Our pay-per-click service includes:
  • Creation and optimization of landing pages
  • Creation and optimization of text ads
  • Campaign setup and market targeting based on various demographics
  • Display ad design
  • Re-marketing to target users who previously visited your website
  • Location targeting
  • Budget setting and management

Email & Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing method. When email campaigns are combined with marketing automation, this means your contacts and clients receive only the most relevant information at a convenient time. We create your email campaign and schedule, and consistently send, track and utilize all relevant information.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is a marketing strategy that uses various methods to build and maintain a relationship with prospects over time...whether it's a periodic email, a direct mail message, touching base or an ongoing connection on social media. Sharing information this way is an effective marketing method that is built on trust.

PPC is sometimes confused with SEO, although they are two completely different methods.

While SEO is about earning website visits organically over time, PPC is a way of buying immediate visits to your site.


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