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In this digital age, it may be a surprise to local business owners that direct mail is still one of the most powerful marketing methods for local businesses. But the truth of the matter is, no matter how well your business may be doing, there are many people in your area that don't know about you. This is where direct mail comes in.

iQuest Media develops creative and effective direct mail campaigns that provide a consistent and ongoing message to your target audience, delivered by Canada Post. We will design, print and mail your marketing message – whether it be in the form of a postcard, flyer, letter... the list goes on.

More importantly, we’ll ensure that the design and message of your mail clearly reflects your brand’s voice. We want you to get the most out of your direct mail campaign. We’ll always include a strong call to action along with your contact information so that your customers can easily reach you.

Direct mail is a powerful marketing method for local businesses. Here’s why:
  • Enables businesses to reach a targeted audience in a designated area, factoring in specifics like income, age, marital status, gender, occupation and more
  • Allows for easy measuring and tracking of a campaign’s success
  • Perceived as a trusted form of marketing
  • Delivered in the mail by Canada Post.
  • Tangibility of DM ensures its effectiveness, as the consumer can conveniently keep the physical product for later use
  • Mail can be personalized and customized, therefore more memorable
  • An overall cost-effective and affordable marketing solution

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Our experience with iQuest Media for our direct mail campaign was very positive. The campaign ran smoothly, from file transfer to delivery of the end product. The service we received from iQuest Media was exceptional as there was always great communication. We would definitely work with iQuest Media again and highly recommend them!

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