5 Reasons Why Good Design is Essential to Business Success

Could Your Company Use a Makeover?

For busy business owners, graphic design may not be a top priority. If you own a small business, perhaps you’ve hired your tech-savvy (but not design-savvy) little nephew to help you put together a logo, or dared to put Microsoft Paint to work to create an image for a social post – and to that we say, stop right there! The Design Police have arrived.

First things first: you need to understand that the images you use on your social media, in your blog or on your company website can directly impact its success with your audience. Posting just any image online isn’t guaranteed to increase your brand interactions – in fact, poorly designed images can actually have a substantially negative impact on your brand. You probably won't be seeing much success if you use an image that’s blurry or unattractive, of the wrong dimensions or completely irrelevant to the content being shared. This is something you always need to be thinking about!

With that being said, here are 5 key reasons why good design is essential to your company’s success:

1. It helps you clearly convey your brand message

Think of it being more about show, rather than tell. Using brand-conscious images will visually convey just the right mood or personality that best represents your company, and will help to get your message across effectively. Strong images can also ensure that the message you’re communicating isn't misinterpreted, and can even transcend language barriers.

2. It builds credibility for your company

Simply put: brands with well-designed graphics are viewed as more professional and worthy of business. Your company’s logo, social post or web graphic have only seconds to make an impression on your audience – and you want it to be a good one.

3. People are naturally drawn to visuals

We live in a very visual world – and online, we tend to be subconsciously drawn to images faster than we are to text. This is because the human brain is fundamentally programmed to process images quicker than words. In fact, it’s been proven that web pages with images or video attract, on average, 94% more views than their text-only counterparts – so really use that to your advantage.

4. It helps your content stand out among the clutter

In today’s fast-paced society, your brand may only have a split second to attract attention. For example, a well-designed graphic used on social media will not only instantly attract the attention of potential customers, but can also initiate some sort of action or interaction. Remember: emails, articles, webpages and social posts with great graphics will always stand out and win attention against content without images.

5. Design and colour say a whole lot about your brand

Ideally, your images should connect your audience to the unique personality and values of your brand. An effective way to achieve this is through the use of colour, as each colour can convey different emotions and associations.


Use Design to Your Advantage!

For any business, knowing how to create the best graphics for your brand can be tricky. Fortunately, our graphic design experts can help! Get in touch today to learn about what we can do for your business – and how we can really make you appeal to your target audience.



A well-designed graphic used on social media will not only attract the attention of potential customers, but can also initiate action.

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