Do You Have a Content Generation Process?

If not, here’s why you should definitely start.

It’s in our human nature to constantly be thinking up new thoughts and ideas.

But as easy and natural as this process can feel, it can definitely get complicated – especially when we’re required to do this on a professional level. Some ideas simply come to us more easily than others, and some, we really have to fight for!

This is why it’s important for every business to secure a content marketing plan to better understand how they should be generating content ideas, so they can deliver brilliance even when the notorious writer’s block sets in… because, let’s face it: it will when it’s least welcome.

" An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements."
- James Webb Young

James Webb Young, author of A Technique for Producing Ideas, has the right idea. He explains in his thesis that idea creation isn’t just about waiting for inspiration to strike - there’s a process involved. And if you can understand this process, you can become a more efficient and better content marketer or creator.

James simplified this process by breaking it down into the following key steps:

1. Gathering raw material:
This means reading and consuming content from a wide variety of places, and always staying curious! Consume as many kinds of content as you can regularly.

James says, “The more of the elements of that world which are stored away in that pattern-making machine, the mind, the more the chances are increased for the production of new and striking combinations, or ideas” – and this makes perfect sense to us.

2. Digesting the material:
Look for connections and combinations with these ideas, and explore just how they can fit together. The goal is to synthesize these ideas in interesting and compelling ways, and find a meaning of some sort. But don’t get too intense here!

3. Unconscious processing
Now’s it’s time to stop trying to bring those ideas together, and give your mind a break. Listen to music, watch a show, go for a jog – anything to take your mind off the process and allow it to rest so that your unconscious can take over.

4. Eureka moment
This is the final stage where suddenly, an idea will pop into your head just when you least expect it. It’s an exciting moment! And when it happens, write it down – because it’s very possible to forget it.

This is actually how all of us generate ideas – but as a professional creative, it’s of value to be aware of each step so that you can work to improve your process each time you set out to create.

The 2 Styles of Content Generation

According to HubSpot Academy, there are two ways to generate content ideas: by yourself, and with a group. There are many ways to generate content by yourself, but brainstorming with others –particularly those who haven’t been spending their day thinking about content like you have – can offer totally new ideas and perspectives which can be of great value to you.

By experimenting with both styles of content generation, you can better come up with a process that makes the most sense for your company’s particular needs.

To Stay Curious is to Stay Competitive

The more willing you are to consume content from all kinds of places, the more successful you will ultimately be in creating quality ideas and content to capture the minds and hearts of your target audience.

Our digital marketing experts always have our content generation hats on. If your business needs help creating an inbound marketing campaign that truly resonates with your audience and delivers results, we’re the team for the job.


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