Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2018

So much marketing wisdom packed into a single event.

September 10, 2018

From stress management to physical wellbeing, product announcements and a new growth model in marketing - HubSpot’s INBOUND 2018 featured it all. It was truly an exciting event filled with rich knowledge on how to grow and engage with businesses.

The festivities were kicked off by Deepak Chopra, M.D., best-selling author and world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and human empowerment. He spoke about happiness at work, how our bodies cope with stress, and how we can take charge of our own healing. He shared 6 pillars of physical wellbeing: sleep, stress management, movement, emotions, nutrition and biological grounding.

Here are some quotes from Deepak’s talk that stood out the most:

"80% of people who go to work disengaged have the purpose of making other people unhappy."

"If you have a happy friend at work, then your happiness goes up 15%. If your happy friend has a happy friend, then it goes up another 10%."

"Career well-being happens when people consistently have opportunities to express their unique talents and strengths."

"Customers will always choose the company with the best story."

Product Announcement Spotlight

The new product spotlight session by Chris O'Donnell, VP Product at HubSpot, revealed how HubSpot is evolving and staying on top of inbound marketing which has been helping to really expand their customer base.

The top 3 most anticipated product releases:

1. HubSpot Video

An exciting addition to an already powerful platform, HubSpot video allows for video creation and hosting with in-video calls-to-action and more. As video is the newest channel for sales and marketing, this is a timely addition that makes creating video content easier than ever for marketers.

2. The Growth Suite

A comprehensive suite for sales, The Growth Suite features marketing and services designed to help businesses grow while providing support and tools for each stage of their growth. The Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs will be available individually or together as part of the HubSpot Growth Suite bundle.

3. Conversations Tool

As consumer expectations have been evolving and growing, “conversational marketing” that includes timely customer service has become more important than ever. The HubSpot Conversations tool is an easy and comprehensive solution that involves live chat, team email and chatbots. It includes an inbox that allows for the sales, marketing and service teams to collaborate in one place.

Some Words from HubSpot’s Founders

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan took us through the next evolution of the marketing funnel - something they refer to as the “flywheel”. That said, the idea of “retiring the traditional funnel” wasn’t necessarily what we were expecting to hear – and it seemed we were all feeling a little outside of our comfort zones!

However, as Brian began explaining what this new concept was all about, retiring the funnel didn’t seem like such a strange idea after all. The main difference between the traditional funnel and the new flywheel is that the flywheel doesn't have a bottom. There's no such thing as the bottom of the wheel – unlike the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

While the funnel is a linear system that ends at gaining a customer, the flywheel keeps spinning – continuing the momentum you've been building to acquire that new customer. But the spinning doesn't end there. You can't ignore the customer you just acquired and go for the next. Instead, you continue to nurture that customer, which is what’s critical in helping your business to grow.

“The old funnel shows customers as an output, when we all know that customers are actually an input to our business in today’s day and age," said Halligan.

Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s CTO and co-founder talked about the “grow better” concept which focused on making the right business moves. He spoke about how power has shifted from the company to the customer, and also shared some insight on what was involved in the creation of the HubSpot Culture Code. It was a very engaging talk where Dharmesh essentially revealed to us the answer to effective professional growth

There’s Always More to Learn...

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While the funnel is a linear system that ends at gaining a customer, the flywheel keeps spinning, continuing the momentum you've been building to acquire that new customer.

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