How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Marketing

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AI in marketing

Today, we live in a society where we’re constantly looking down at our mobile devices. In fact, according to a study by Deloitte, mobile phone users in America across all age groups check their phones an average of 46 times a day – with those aged 18-24 checking most often at 74 times a day. Yeah, that’s a lot.

So with so much of our attention directed at our phones and mobile browsers, it makes perfect sense why digital marketing strategies have been evolving at such a rapid rate – and in particular, a technology referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In this article, let’s talk about how and why artificial intelligence is changing how we market businesses.

First of all… what is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Sometimes called “machine intelligence”, AI utilizes a set of technologies that empower machines to grasp complex concepts and perform actions based on information they receive, with the ability to even improve through the ongoing updating of data, or “big data”.

“Big data”, a term that refers to extremely large and complex data sets, has evolved over time to where marketers have been able to segment the data and use it to create a clearer understanding of their target audience, with the help of AI.

Why is AI technology on the rise in marketing?

With its efficiency and accuracy in data analyzing, combined with its ability to support the capabilities of a wide range of smart devices, the implementation of AI technology is on a steady incline. Commercial businesses along with a multitude of industries are beginning to depend on this complex technology to deliver the highest standard of customer care and satisfaction rates.

AI has become an incredibly useful tool in helping to empower digital marketers with the insights they need to develop and run effective marketing campaigns. When marketers learn more about their target customers, they can use all of this in-depth knowledge to develop customized marketing strategies to reach them at the right place and the right time, and in a way that speaks their psychographic language.

Data-driven, precision-targeted marketing campaigns – and no guess work.

There's no guessing with AI. Machine learning capabilities understand how your target customer makes purchasing decisions, predicting their behavior by analyzing online buying habits.

AI technology can help to create more effective, insightful and target consumer-specific ads and campaigns through artificial intelligence marketing (AI marketing). Data collected from keyword searches, general online activity and social media profiles can be utilized to develop a smarter marketing strategy.

Improved searches

AI and big data work hand-in-hand to study search patterns and provide marketers with insight into which areas they should direct their efforts. Because of this, consumers are now able to find what they’re looking for on the web faster than they ever have.

Saved time and effort

As artificial intelligence is able to quickly process data, it can save a lot of time when prospecting–shortening the sales funnel. The ability to adapt to the user's behavior and store and interpret large amounts of data saves marketers a ton of time and effort compared to doing research manually.

An enhanced user experience

AI has the capability of improving the customer experience substantially. For example, chatbots (or AI bots) have become increasingly popular on company websites as they work 24 hours a day as a customer service representative – giving your potential customers an excellent first impression of service. Chatbot programs are always ready to answer inquires that come through your website, and observe the visitor's buying journey to interpret the information gathered. They understand what the website visitor might need, and know how to respond. Here’s a list of some of the best chatbot service providers that you can add to your site or other platforms.

A Competitive Edge with Artificial Intelligence

Data is more important now than it ever has been, and companies who are choosing to use data to their advantage are beating out their competitors who aren’t.

By embracing AI and incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy, you can target your consumer audience with much more precision, and engage your audience more effectively. You’ll be armed with a lot of information about your audience’s behavior. In short, AI will improve your sale process and grow your business.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future

AI works as an outstanding tool to improve your understanding of your target consumer and their overall customer experience, boost productivity and save you money, time and effort, and ultimately increase your ROI to make the most of your hard-earned ad dollars.


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